Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Malaysia – the urge II

Part 5: Loyalty

We find the loyalty or so call patriotism of the citizens is much doubt by certain people when they does not demonstrate some physical action such as hang up the nation flag during commemoration day. And people who criticize government are branded where they don’t love their country. Actually when people commented on the country, it means they really care and take Malaysia as their home land, they care about it and want it to be better, aren’t this patriotism and loyalty to the country too?

Teenagers now are seeking a platform which enables them to voice out their opinion freely. It is good if government can provide them such a platform without make them feel threaten –freedom of speaking, expressing and commenting. Of course we will never agree with words and voice of provoking, but I think most of the citizen would hope for a society that enable them to comment and at the same time secure from threat.

It is a trend that media freedom become bigger when the democracy of the country is growing, this is not only a sign of citizen’s maturity, but also indicate the confidence that the ruling party has. Leaders must be prepared to accept constructive comments openly and objectively. We are ready to accept media which convey message and news from government, but we do hope for a better balance of info.

Teenagers should be in plant with spirit of how all races put away their difference and work together to attain independence at those old days.

Part 6: Meritocracy

I would like to express my gratitude to PM for taking a big leap in creating a more competitive and liberal nation economics. But that is way far to bring Malaysia out of the World Economic Crisis. We need to increase our competitive strength, not only our human resource, but also our products – cars, commodity, services etc.

Government plays a very big role in order to apply concept of meritocracy. Public service is the first sector which should undergo changes – increase productivity and effectiveness. The only way to raise the quality of public service is to implement meritocracy system. Credit and extra benefits will be given to those who perform outstandingly, whereas for those who under perform, they shall face the consequences – suspend, remove from duty or even expel from public sector.

After that this concept should be spread to every sector, including those sectors that get subsidy from government. We agree that meritocracy should take into account certain other factors: disadvantage, income status etc, but it shall never base on races, religious, and political stands, because everyone share a equal chance of facing difficulty regardless their identity, and all of them need sincere help from those who have the ability. Then only the true value of meritocracy is shown.

Part 7: Education

Education has always been an issue. We are always comfortable with Bahasa Malaysia as our national language, that’s why we have no doubt in picking it up and master it. I agree with DPM the new policy of teaching English and mathematics in primary school and secondary school. I agree we must have a close up connection to international education, or more alike we call it nowadays the "globalize education", but this doesn't mean teaching of science and mathematics must be in English, it doesn’t promise students command good English which is write-communicate-convey effective.

The globalize education mean to have no restriction and hindrance in worldwide communication and sharing of knowledge ... it mean for all type of knowledge - arts, commerce, science and mathematics is just one of the element, not all. We need to develop our student’s English command further.

We have a few types of school in this country; again it is not a burden. The multi language is strength to the nation. We should have an equal development for all type of school, as long as it does not deviate from the national education master plan.

We do hope that all languages and subject will have a fair and parallel development, not only Bahasa Malaysia, but English, Tamil and Chinese also; not only science and mathematics, but also humanities subjects such as philosophy, commerce, history etc.

Part 8: Integrity

We need to have a more transparent government, which gives ultimate confidence to the citizens. Nothing is more important than the earning the trust of the government.

We believe that there are always ways to solve problem, most of time is a puzzle of willingness, rather than problem of ability to solve the problem. Citizens doesn’t feel any comfort with law enforcer (police, customs, immigration and now MACC), somehow we can’t blame the citizens for the ignorance and lack of confidence against those law enforcer, simply due to the law enforcer does not give any confidence to them. Corruptions spreading across the law enforcer, which make the citizen feel unsecure and non -confidence on law enforcers.

The day the new PM step in, he has already step on the destiny to undo those mistakes, because at the 12th election the citizens have voice out clearly – corruption is not welcome at all. Of course we can’t solely blame the law enforcers for what they have done; sometimes it is about simple economics theory – supply and demand, as we can’t deny there are handfuls of citizens who bribe the law enforcer in order to escape the punishment of law.