Sunday, July 12, 2009

About teaching Science and Mathematics in English

There are lots of comments from public that how much the important of teaching mathematics and science in english for secondary school.

Let me give some comment about it ... me myself as the 1st batch student under the education of maths and science using english during form 6.

it is a hard time for me to start picking up physics, pure mathematics and chemistry in english during form 6. What make me trouble is not about all the scientific vocabulary, but the difficulty come from how to literally understand those sentences and phrases presented in english. Frankly, i don't have any problem with those scientific terms in english, it looks alike or at least i can merely guess what that it mean.

I really thank my english teacher in form 2, he is a very patient guy, with good english command (which nowadays a lot of teacher or students is lacked off), he teached us the language by another approach - organizing debat in class, having public speaking session where each student can choose what ever topic he likes to present to the class .. the logic is truely simple - you must talk in english, how good are your speech, no big deal, it can be improved through constant practise. we write journal everyweek.

after that i only do those when i go to form 6 when i take MUET, and i finally realise how precious the training that i obtain last time.

it is the same concept. To master english, we learn english, not use it to learn other subject!

The same things applied for secondary school education. I agree we must have a close up connection to international education, or more alike we call it nowadays the "globalize education", but this doesn't mean teaching of science and maths must be in english, it doen't promise students command good english which is write-communicate-convey effective.

and ...

the globalize education mean to have no restriction and hindrance in worldwide communication and sharing of knowledge ... it mean for all type of knowledge - arts, commerce, science and maths is just one of the element, not ALL!


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