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Mr Ooi,

It's indeed very touching that you have been tiredlessly writing lots of positive and constructive opinions on current issues. Well done, keep it up! I hope to have more youngsters like you in our beloved homeland!!!!

However, I feel that youngsters like you should also write more comments on the present political arena.

As for most of us, Dr. Chua openly apologised for his misbehave and resigned all the posts long ago, then the central committee members had chosen him again (that means they have forgiven him, afterall his wrong doing is very personal and involves only moral values but not causing any harm to national integration or economics or even progress of the nation), why there are people who are so free to keep barking on this issue rather than to help our beloved PM to build up economics during this seriously bad time?

Dr Chua's case was over long ago and was already closed by the former Disciplinary Borad. If the new Disciplinary Board were to dig out Dr. Chua's case, then the Greatest Man's case when He headed the youth was also NOT settled as before it was settled, Dr Lim stepped down and Tan Seri Ong took over the party, the case was dropped but not mentioned closed! It was just kept in silent after the Greatest Man sent in a written reply in the first hearing. So, in order to be fair, the new Disciplinary Board ought to file the case against the Greatest Man too so that justice is seemed to be done in MCA even though all of us know that MCA was more shodowed ever before!!!!!.

I think the lesson from the Menteri Besar of Johore to the Greatest Man in the world about the issue that the party in Johore was intentionally divided is not enough! This time our beloved PM should be more furious rather than just question Him!!! If the BN were to lose supports again due to so many other factors, MCA leaders should help our beloved PM to gain the support of the chinese community instead of causing more anger and agony amongst the peopel by non-stopping digging out issues against people who speak the true.

The Disciplinary Board should also ask the Greatest Man in the world to give full detail explanation satisfying every MCA member that why action should not be taken against Him, afterall He had done so much injustice to other party members and keep spoiling the good name of MCA as every now and then He blames so many MCA members publicly. Isn't it too bad that the top most party Leader had received the most negative but true comments compared to the previous leaders?

If other regional MCA leaders who just open 'give' advice to party leaders not to damage party's good name as the leaders keep exposing unfounded 'inside stories' to outsiders and and being called up by the Disciplinary Board to give show case explanation, why is he Greatest Man exempted???????????

What do you and the most of the youth think?

EWhy Elizabeth Wong can be excused and Dr. Chua can't?

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u mean ????

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I mean if people can excuse Elizabeth Wong, why when it came to Dr. Chua who had resigned from all the post held by him and apologised openly, still there are people barking over the old and closed issue. Don't you think that you can give some remarks? Don't be blind-filded by the Greatest Man's some other moves!

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