Wednesday, April 8, 2009


407 witness the fallen of UMNO in Bukit Gantang, and perhaps we can also observe that others weaklings of BN is also shivering in fear. The logic of Barisan National component party MCA and MIC which responsible to absorb Chinese and Indian ticket have shown a fatal fail in 3B election.

When Chinese is in no fear anymore to PAS, can u imagine what value that MCA remain? When MIC can get almost no support from Indian community, is there the needs of this party to continue exist? When Gerakan which always disgust as a multi racial party have fail in obtaining their biggest market share of ticket, which is primarily Chinese votes, where is its stand in future?

The political scenario in Peninsular of Malaysia have pour another terrifying tsunami to those 3 component parties of BN.

It is now the game of survival - They will not survive if they refuse to change, there aren't any luck for them, 308 + 407 have give a clear answer of what their community is awaiting in future.

It is now or never - change now, or there will be no mercy from the citizen to use their vote to oppose them. The fallen is just ahead. Change - a word sounds easy, but it will let MCA, Gerakan and MIC suffer in great pain.

As a normal citizens, their will of life is rather simple - to have a equal chance in economics, education and human rights. This is what normal democratic country guaranteed for them. After 52 years of waiting and begging, it is already tired enough of repetitive dissappointment. From deep of their heart they yell off "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

i guess the great lost in peninsular Malaysia is solely due to the phrase above. Citizens rather hope for a new change which they can hardly predict, they are looking forward for more equality and no more patronage politics from those old days politician.

"People should always remember what BN have done for them in the past 52 years" - thats words that bare in BN politician, especially that old man who refused to retire. they never realize such away will never awake the awareness of public to vote for them, but ironicaly it makes the situation worst, because it remind people on corruption, crony, destruction of judisiary system and C4 bombing.

Now, it has come to the corner of revolution..

only those who suit themselves in the new environment of idealogy will survive !

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