Sunday, July 20, 2008

Review of Training in Mini-Circuits Technologies

let me recap about what i have learn in Mini-Circuit Technologies for the past 10 weeks ..

From CJ Loh:

  1. I know there are always hopes and chances to be promoted to a higher level/take up higher responsibility if i always take up initiative, having a high sense of determination, and never give up on what you believe it is true and achivable. (CJ Loh use to be a junior technician in MCT, and promoted to engineer, pass through senior technician and associate engineer in 5 years time, i solute for his achivements)

From Tan Jun

  1. I know there are always hard time when first enter to a industry/company. Task and duty which you are not familiar at all, colleague who are not that close, management which you find their will/expectation nearly impossible to full fill. my cute supervisor tanjun let me realise that we shall not forget such a challenge is a great chance to learn and to make ourselves more competance. Take it as a unforgettable learning experience, and be tough (should there are a needs to cry, please do borrow shoulders of some pretty girl/handsome boy)

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