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13. The Board of Directors shall consist of—
(a) a Chairman;
(b) the Vice-Chancellor;
(c) two persons to represent the Government;
(d) one person to represent the community at the place where the University
is located; and
(e) not more than three persons who because of their knowledge or experience
would in the opinion of the Minister be of assistance to the Board, at least
one of whom shall be from the private sector.

Provisions relating to the Board
14. (1) The appointment of the members of the Board, except the Vice-Chancellor,
shall be made by the Minister for a period of three years and upon the expiry of suchperiod the members of the Board shall be eligible for reappointment.


The Board shall be the executive body of the University, and may exercise
all the powers conferred on the University, save in so far as they are by this
Constitution or the Statutes, Rules and Regulations conferred on some otherAuthority or body or on some officer of the University


No resolution shall be passed by the Board relating to any matter within the
powers of the Senate, unless the Senate has first been given the opportunity ofrecording and transmitting to the Board its opinion thereon.


高教部长的个人喜好,最终决定了一个大专的命运。。。。。。比较可以接受的情形,是把高教部长的个人独立决策权,转移到一个专业委员会,来委任大学董事。并且应该定点专注,不同的大学,应该由不同人来组成董事会委任委员会, 成员可能可以包括:


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