Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Action that Disgrace Democracy in this Country

we have seen from the news recently that Rtm2 is pulling back the broadcasting of a social discussion forum... from the news that i have read, i can conclude that the reason of stopping the broadcast is as follow:

From the voice of government
  1. the show is not very popular as it has a rating of 397 out of 400+ television show up in RTM2
  2. The show is not banned, it is just undergone a rebranding process so that it can gain more attraction from the public.
  3. There are not any political issue in stopping the broadcast of the show to the citizen
From the voice of NGO and perhaps most of the citizen who watch this show
  1. This show have revealed the dark secret of the government, which government never intend to reveal it to the citizen.
  2. This show invite Opposition MP (especially Teresa Kok) to join their forum discussion.
  3. The poll done in this show doesn't show a positive results that pleased the government.
  4. This show make government realize that a lot of citizens feel dissappointed with the government, so in order to reduce the further influence, it need to start right here, right now.

Somehow we draw a conclusion from the above points - government are having a really great different perspective in a lot of issue in this country. Here comes the problem - shall government bound or follow the will of their boss ~ citizens of this country...

Further Conclusion

  1. Government is always correct. The citizens will never be correct if they do not follow the game rules set by the government.
  2. Government always apply policy that bring benefits to citizens, therefore banning the broadcasting is to bring benefits to citizens because the broadcasting shows a bad example to citizens
  3. Government never politicalise any issue, because they know nothing about politics, and never know how to be a good stateman rather than politician


suiinn said...

Hey Tun Ooi, just checking your blog...uphold democracy in Malaysia!

Ai Ling said...

tiny little brain...sure bo?want to measure?haha